If you’re in the market for a new SUV, there are a lot of good choices on the market today. Both the Honda Pilot and the Ford Explorer offer three rows of seating for plenty of passenger room, and each model has pros and cons to consider. Some people may have brand loyalty to one brand or another, and that’s a good place to start your search. However, it would do you well to learn about both of these vehicles and how they stack up so that you can make the best decision.

Choose the Ford Explorer for Plenty of Options and Style

The Explorer comes in both FWD and AWD versions, giving you options to get the perfect SUV for your needs. It offers more performance options than the Pilot, with available upgrades and trims that are plentiful. The Explorer offers conservative exterior styling that isn’t focused on creating a big impression, and interior dimensions are quite spacious. Passengers have plenty of legroom no matter where they sit.

The lack of a third-row seat may be an issue for some, but ultimately, that won’t stop you from loving the Ford Explorer. The mechanical options and functions are good and provide enough variations that everyone should be able to find what they need. With the standard safety features and infotainment system, the Explorer delivers a lot more than people expect for its base price. While it might be priced slightly higher than the Pilot on average, the features and options available on the Explorer tend to be well worth every penny.

The Reliable Honda Pilot is Just That: Reliable

The Pilot offers the option of AWD on select models, as well, giving it the same standing there as the Explorer. What it lacks, however, is the available performance options and the spacious interior. In fact, the Pilot tends to look a little more like a cheap version of the Explorer, and no one likes a copycat. The exterior of the Pilot is just as simple as its competition, but it does offer that third-row seat that is missing in the Ford.

Where the Pilot wins in affordability (and only by a margin), Ford takes the lead in premium features and available options. The safety features on the Pilot are also available on the Explorer, after all, and Ford offers an overall more innovative and appealing model than Honda in many areas.

Test Drive Ford Explorer Today

If you’re tired of relying on the “old reliable” models and want to drive something with a little more style, Ford Explorer is the choice for you. You'll be buying from an industry leader, and you’ll have plenty of options and packages to create your perfect ride. Plus, Ford offers lots of incentives to ensure that you’re always getting the best deal. Ford Explorer has a lot to offer. Find out what the excitement is about: be sure to test drive one today! Williamsburg Ford offers the Explorer & more.

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