When it comes to comparing the Ford F-250 to the Dodge RAM 2500, there are a lot of different factors to consider, and there is no real clear-cut winner until you break things down. For starters, you’ll have different needs than the next person when you’re shopping for a new truck, which means that one might work better for you than another. This guide will break it down for you and help you decide which truck is the best fit for your work (or play) needs.

F-250 Delivers Powerful Performance

Both models have been competitors in the full-size pickup class for years, striving to create the best powerhouse experience for those who have jobs to do. The F-250 has a growing number of performance options and features that enhance your drive. While the RAM 2500 has over 1,000 foot-pounds of torque in its highest-rated capacity model, the F-250 still makes a better everyday truck because it offers plenty of performance without the huge power draw.

There are generally more engine and horsepower options on Ford’s lineup than what Dodge offers, and the F-250 is no different. The F-250 also offers more agile handling and performance, and it feels a lot less like a heavy work truck than the Dodge lineup. Combine that with industry-leading V-6 and V-8 options, and Ford comes in looking good every time. Ford still has some of the best track records for payload and towing capacity, and when paired with a powerful performance on the road or on the job site, this truck excels.

Creature Comforts and Cool Styling: Ford Wins

The RAM 2500 and the Ford F-250 both stack up fairly well in available standard driving features and trim options, but the optional interior comfort and driver experience features are becoming more standardized in the F-250. Ford adds more luxury and high-tech features to its base models, like many brands, increasing the available standard options and giving buyers more bang for their buck. While Dodge also has plenty of options and equipment available, they require an upgrade in most cases.

Exterior styling is comparable, with the F-250 offering a more refined workhorse appearance while RAM offers a more rugged work truck silhouette. With optional trim packages and exterior upgrades, the F-250 offers a lot more exterior customization. Both trucks have similar configuration options and overall experiences on the road, but something about that Ford logo on a work truck still sets it apart from the competition.

Test Drive the F-250 to See What it Can Do for You

These are both beautiful trucks that offer all the heavy-duty work features you need. But the F-250 provides more optional features and trims than the RAM 2500. Ford knows how to deliver style and function with a lineup of trucks that have always stood out and stood the test of time. Get behind the wheel of a Ford today, and you’ll see for yourself just what this industry-leading workhorse can do. Williamsburg Ford offers the F-250 & more.

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