Toyota may have had the best selling non-truck in 2018 with the RAV-4, but it might not be able to keep up with Ford innovation. The latest generations stack up fairly comparably, but there are some definite differences that will impact which vehicle you decide to buy. Some people might like the peace of mind of a name like Toyota, while others may prefer having an American made Ford vehicle. Of course, there are a lot of other considerations, too.




The Ford Escape and RAV-4 are similarly priced in their market, with base prices in the mid $20’s and high-end pricing just under $40,000 MSRP. Of course, what you’re getting for the money will vary from one model to the next, but that’s going to be a matter of preference when it comes down to narrowing the options and trim levels. Escape still wins pricing, with lower base pricing and lower pricing for upgraded trims than RAV-4.


Towing Capacity


Midsize SUVs aren’t exactly chosen for their power and capability, but these two definitely deliver when it comes to performance. All of the engine options available on the latest models have different capacities, with the Ford Escape offering a towing capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. with the right equipment. The RAV-4 only offers that much power on the Adventure model, which is the most expensive trim available. Standard and hybrid towing capacities are closer to 1,500 and 1,750 lbs, respectively.


Fuel Economy


The Ford Escape offers a modest 23-26 miles per gallon combined, depending on the engine size and driving conditions. The RAV-4 models earn an average of around 28-30 mpg combined, offering slightly better fuel economy, but fewer engine options and innovative features than the Ford Escape lineup.


Plus, the newer Escape models all offer an EcoBoost option for improved performance with eco-friendly operation, which makes you feel good about your purchase. Toyota does have a RAV-4 hybrid option available, but it’s available at a much higher price point than the EcoBoost engine models.


Interior Perks


Comfort comes standard in the Escape, but the RAV-4 doesn’t fall far behind. Both seat five passengers with very little difference in passenger volume. The RAV-4 is available with a stylish, upgraded cabin, while the Escape offers a lot of built-in convenience features and comforts. Plus, where Ford loses in style and cabin upgrades, they win with technology. The Sync system offers easy connectivity and upgraded systems include additional features like satellite radio, 10-speaker sound systems, and Navigation built in.


Handling and Acceleration


The Ford Escape is a leader in its class for its sporty handling. It offers a comfortable ride and responsive steering, with front wheel drive standard. All-wheel drive is available on models above base level trim for better handling on rough roads or during weather. The RAV-4 offers a smooth ride, but it doesn’t have the agility of the Escape. Although it handles fairly well and offers sharp steering, it just can’t compete.


The Bottom Line


The Ford Escape offers a lot of great things from a brand that is committed to evolving for customer demand. While the RAV-4 offers the reliability of the Toyota name, it just doesn’t have as many features or sporty elements that make the Escape stand out in its class. The real test is the test drive - come test drive a new Ford Escape today!

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