The Ford Ranger had been one of the most popular trucks from Ford for many years. However, Ford announced in 2011 that they would no longer be making the vehicle, much to the dismay of those who loved it. Many believed that the Ranger would be just a memory, but that turned out not to be the case. The truck returned in 2019, and the models from the past couple of years have been real standouts when compared with the competition.


Interesting Facts about the Ranger

Now that the Ranger is back and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, let’s learn a bit more about this truck. For example, even though it was discontinued in 2011 in Canada and the United States, it was still going strong in most other countries around the world. People in those countries loved the truck, and there was demand, so they continued to sell in those locations. The return of the Ranger to the U.S. is not the only return of a discontinued vehicle from Ford. The Bronco made its return in 2020, as well.


Another interesting fact is that the pickup truck known as the Ranger was not the first Ranger from Ford. In the late 1950s, the Edsel division of Ford produced a sedan called the Edsel Ranger. Ford reacquired the name and started to make the truck that people have come to love today.


Why Should You Consider a Ford Ranger?

If you need a pickup truck, but you don’t need a particularly large vehicle, the Ranger is a good option. The newer models are smaller than what you would get with an F-250, for example, but it certainly does not mean that the truck is a slouch. Despite the smaller size, you will find that it is still quite capable. This midsize pickup is practical and efficient, and because it is smaller, it makes it easier to park than many other trucks.


These trucks make great work trucks. They are nice for getting around town, running errands, and even taking out to the hills and mountains for a trip. They are a versatile option that handles well and is fun to drive. New models have the choice of an off-road package, as well, which could be great for those who want to take their vehicle to places that might be more difficult for other trucks.


When you choose a Ford Ranger, you don’t just have an attractive and rugged truck. You will also have a truck that is comfortable for the driver and the passengers. They have a good suspension, comfy seats, and they are available in a range of colors.


Ready for Your Ranger?

Now that you have a better idea of why the updated Ford Ranger could be a great vehicle for your needs, it’s time to head to a dealership and give one a drive. A test drive is an excellent way to get a real feel for the vehicle to see whether it is right for you or not. Once you drive it, you will fall for the Ranger.

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