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Ford Oil Change


Ford Oil Change

Schedule your Ford oil change today with our expert technicians at CMA's Williamsburg Ford. Keep up with your maintenance schedule and save money by browsing our Ford service coupons and oil change specials.


Why Schedule Your Ford Oil Change with CMA’s Williamsburg Ford

When you schedule regular oil changes, you extend the life of your engine. The reason is that fresh motor oil helps the engine components to move at high speeds through the combustion process, even under stress. Fresh motor oil also helps your vehicle get the most out of its gas mileage as the properly lubricated engine utilizes its fuel efficiently. Dirty oil contaminated with sludge and debris can cause misfires, overheating, and even seize the engine of your Ford.

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Ford Oil Change FAQs

How often should my vehicle get an oil change?

Although it's typically recommended every 7,500 miles, this can vary depending on individual factors like driving habits and oil quality. To keep your vehicle's engine in good shape, it requires regular oil changes.

How do I know when my Ford needs its oil changed?

The sound of knocking or grinding from your engine while it's operating may indicate improper lubrication that requires an oil change. Disregarding these sounds could cause lasting engine damage. If you also smell burning inside your car or the "oil warning" light turns on, it's typically a sign your Ford needs an oil change.

What does dirty motor oil look like?

While healthy oil is usually amber in color, other colors in dirty oil may indicate a problem. Brown oil can mean that the oil has cycled through the engine too many times and needs to be replaced. If the oil hasn’t been in too long, it could mean that the oil has many additives in it. Creamy, frothy oil may indicate water contamination, but milk-colored oil can be a leak in the head gasket.

What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil?

The high-quality base oils used in synthetic oils often make them superior to conventional oils. These benefits include more protection in hot temperatures, superior engine wear protection, longer-lasting engine cleanliness, and easier cold-temperature flow.

Schedule Your Ford Oil Change With CMA's Williamsburg Ford Today

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